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Our services  :

                   ·         Port to Port by Sea

                   ·         Port to Port by Air

                   ·         Packing Only

                   ·         Crating Only

                   ·         Local House Relocation

                   ·         Customs Clearance

                   ·         Courier Service

                   ·         Domestic & International Destination

                   ·         Buying Agent

                   ·         Quality Control

                   ·         Local Handling

                   ·         Document

                   ·         Door to Door


Add Services  :

                  ·         Free pick up

                  ·         Free stored

                  ·         Balance Payment

                  ·         Transparent Money Report

LCL (Less Container Load) based on Cubic Meter                                    

Shipments are packed and then crated in units, which are manageable by hand or by forklift truck, depending on the product. These crated goods are then consolidated in a container along with other parts loads to same or various final destinations and shipped to Singapore where they can be reconsolidated to a final destination container along with other LCL shipments from other origins intended for the same final destination. This means that even part loads are still containerized throughout their journey. This provides almost the same benefits as shipment by FCL. Due to additional handling the transit time of LCL shipments may be up to two weeks longer than by FCL.

FCL (Full Container Load)

Shipments are made using 20 feet, 40 feet or 40 feet High Cube Containers. Loading capacities are 30 cbm, 60 cbm and 70 cbm respectively. All containers are steel “dry“ containers.

All containers loaded at our premises are sealed and fumigated prior to departure. The container remains unopened (except where customs perform a spot check) until arrival at your destination. After packing, our expert staff ensures maximum load ability without jeopardizing the safety of your goods. In the case where the goods are less than a capacity of the container then we will load across the container leaving the space at the top evenly so as to minimize cargo movement. This we can usually calculate by utilizing the benefit of our container models. In any cases, goods are stowed well and secured with rope throughout the loading process of the container.

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